Buy & Sell NFTs in the marketplace while engaging with the community.
Get your Handle
Everything about a community is in one place!
BigInt Handle
A new identity experience for users.
NFT Marketplace
Different and smooth experience for traders.
Launch your project with a smooth experience on our innovative platform.
Social Arena
A new socializing experience for communities.
BigInt Chat
Interactive chat platform where you can share your experiences momentarily.
BigInt Tools
Integrate BigInt Web3 technologies to your communities.
Get your personalized BigInt Handle!
The BigInt Handle is a personal NFT created only for you and it will be your social identity in the BigInt ecosystem
Benefits of BigInt Handle Holders

Being eligible for Airdrop Season 1
Interacting socially with other users on Marketplace
Benefiting from special privileges
Benefiting from extra rewards (Token airdrop, Free NFTs, WL spots, etc.)
Get your Handle
Community-Focused NFT MARKETPLACE
We set out with the motto "Just For Community", and our aim is to create a community-focused NFT Marketplace.
With BigInt, users will not only be able to trade NFTs, but they will also have a social NFT platform where they can interact with other users to discover new projects, exchange ideas, share current developments in the art world with each other, and establish an emotional connection with the marketplace with their own "handle".
Launch your Collections
BigInt is the next-gen launchpad, enabling projects to maximize capital raise whilst providing a seamless mint experience. It’s a launchpad for projects that can build long-term and do not need hand-holding.